Videos are broken down by domain and then by dimension.

CLASS Video Library (1-Month)

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Watch effective teachers in action

Gain access to our extensive collection of classroom videos featuring real teachers interacting with students in everyday lessons and activities. The Video Library:

  • Is divided by CLASS dimension
  • Illustrates effective teacher-child interactions in day-to-day classroom situations
  • Gives users an opportunity to practice observing and categorizing interactions
  • Includes accompanying text that explains why certain interactions are effective and how they illustrate specific CLASS dimensions

Pre-K and Toddler Video Libraries now have videos in Spanish!

Why We Recommend This

Research shows that teachers who watch classroom videos in our Video Library make greater gains in their interactions with children. By using the Video Library, teachers and care providers build an internal working model of how to interact more intentionally and effectively with children.

Who Uses the Video Library

Anyone who wants to see what effective teaching looks like in different circumstances and settings, including:

  • Teachers
  • Teacher assistants
  • Care providers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Center directors
  • School administrators

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