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Learn about Infant CLASS Dimensions (RETIRED - See Description)

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This Course is No Longer Available

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Teachstone has upgraded the Learn About Infant CLASS Dimensions experience. The existing course has served all learners whether you are a teacher or an administrator. Teachstone understands that our learners have different learning outcomes when it comes to being introduced to the Infant CLASS Dimensions. As we retire this course, we have a product that will serve as a replacement for our Learn About Infant CLASS Dimensions course.


New Alternatives for Teachers

For teachers, we recommend you take the A CLASS Primer for Infant/Toddler Teachers course. This course serves to introduce teachers to the importance of interactions, to how CLASS supports child development and to the CLASS Framework to help prepare teachers to participate in CLASS professional development and/or help them understand the benefits of CLASS observations. 


New Alternatives for Leaders

Administrators, Coaches and anyone else who supports teachers would be best served by taking our A CLASS Primer for Leaders online course which offers an introduction to the importance of interactions, an overview of the relationship between CLASS and student outcomes, and guidance for collecting and interpreting CLASS data.

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