Each section of the online course include time estimates and course objectives.

Learn about Infant CLASS Dimensions

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Get acquainted with the Infant CLASS dimensions

Meet the four dimensions that make up the Infant CLASS tool in this quick and engaging online introductory program. You'll learn about the dimensions in the Responsive Caregiving domain—and how they organize effective interactions—through guided videos observations and knowledge questions.

Learn about Infant CLASS Dimensions is made up of four courses:

  • Learn about Relational Climate (15 minutes)
  • Learn about Teacher Sensitivity (15 minutes)
  • Learn about Facilitated Exploration (15 minutes)
  • Learn about Early Language Support (15 minutes)

Why We Recommend This

The Learn about Infant CLASS Dimensions program is an accessible way to learn how teachers help infants thrive through nurturing, responsive interactions and how these interactions are organized by the CLASS tool.

Who Uses This

Ideal for care providers, for teachers, and anyone interested in understanding why effective interactions are so important for child learning and development.

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