Looking at CLASSrooms

Looking at CLASSrooms

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Take a closer look at the CLASS tool

Build your CLASS foundational knowledge with this engaging, easy-to-use online program. In a self-paced format, participants get to know each CLASS dimension in depth using:

  • Looking at CLASSrooms online units: Guided video observations that highlight effective interactions as they occur
  • CLASS Video Library: Authentic classroom videos, organized by CLASS dimension, that feature real teachers interacting effectively with their students
  • CLASS Dimensions Guide: A printed booklet that describes and reinforces the domains and dimensions that make up the CLASS framework

Why We Recommend This

When it comes to identifying effective teacher-student interactions, practice makes progress. Research shows that teachers who watch classroom videos in our Video Library make greater gains in their interactions with children. By combining the proven effectiveness of the Video Library with this online program, Looking at CLASSrooms gives participants the practice and insights they need to observe, categorize, and understand effective interactions.

Who Uses This

Anyone interested in learning to observe and identify effective classroom interactions, including:

  • Teachers
  • Teacher assistants
  • Care providers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Center directors
  • School administrators
  • Coaches

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