Observation Participant Kit (FL & NYC)

Observation Participant Kit (FL & NYC)

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For the purchase of Observation kits outside of Florida and NYC please contact Teachstone's Customer Support team at or (866) 998-8352 for ordering assistance. 

Teachstone and the states of NYC and Florida are partnering together to provide a special rate for Affiliate Trainers in those states.

  • Observation Participant Kit - $175

A participant kit is required by Teachstone for each person attending Observation training sessions. Each participant kit includes:

  • CLASS Manual
  • Observation Participant Guide
  • CLASS Master Code Book
  • CLASS Score Sheets
  • Access to the Reliability test

Who Uses It

NYC or Florida Affiliate trainers are required to purchase materials to use during Observation trainings led by certified Affiliate trainers.

How to Purchase

  • Note: Taxes are not included in the cost of the participant kit. If your site is tax exempt, please provide your tax exemption certificate by emailing
  • By purchasing, you are confirming that you are:
    • Employed within the state of Florida or NYC

Things to remember

  • Any training to be held will also need to be requested through the Affiliate trainer's panel or request form.