Pre-K–3 CLASS® Interactions Dimensions Guide

Pre-K–3 CLASS® Interactions Dimensions Guide

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Strengthen educators' understanding and practice of CLASS with our easy-to-use guide. Designed to support educators’ knowledge and practice of meaningful and effective interactions, this guide helps educators understand:


  • Why interactions are important for children

  • What children experience when their educators prioritize and enhance specific types of interactions in the learning setting

  • How to improve interactions in their daily work with children

  • How each component (Dimension) is measured by CLASS


Why We Recommend This

The CLASS® Interactions Dimensions Guide serves as a foundation for all of Teachstone's CLASS-based programs. This guide looks at each of the CLASS dimensions and provides thoughtful strategies educators can use to incorporate into their daily interactions with children. Educators will find it easy to use, and coaches will find it a helpful reference as they provide feedback to their teachers. 

Who Uses It

The CLASS® Interactions Dimensions Guide is perfect for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of why effective child-educator interactions matter and learning strategies to how they are incorporated into their learning setting.