A CLASS® Primer for Leaders

A CLASS® Primer for Leaders

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A CLASS® Primer for Leaders is our answer to customers asking, “Where do I begin my CLASS implementation?” or “How can I support the site-based and network leaders who are responsible for championing our CLASS implementation?” As the center of expertise on CLASS and CLASS implementation, Teachstone is uniquely positioned to offer a solution to the challenges leaders experience when faced with the task of a CLASS implementation.

In this 2-hour online training, learners will:

  • Understand how CLASS works and why it is important

  • Identify the value CLASS brings to their organization in the areas of improved teacher effectiveness and student outcomes

  • Communicate how the functions of CLASS fit into the work of their organization

  • Learn to interpret CLASS data and how to use it

  • Feel confident enough in the value of CLASS to choose next steps in their CLASS journey

In addition, leaders will find the training short and flexible enough to complete with little time and energy. Although everyone works at a different pace, completing this course takes an average of around two hours.

Start enhancing your ability to focus on, measure, and improve teacher-student interactions with A CLASS Primer for Leaders today!


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