CDA with CLASS® for Primrose

CDA with CLASS® for Primrose

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Enrolling in a CDA program is an important step in your professional development. To support you in this journey, we’ve partnered with Teachstone to offer the CDA with CLASS® and CDA Renewal with CLASS® - comprehensive programs that will prepare you to obtain or renew the CDA credential.

The Only CDA with CLASS®

These programs build CLASS understanding and skills for improved interactions between teachers and children. CLASS stands for Classroom Assessment Scoring System. It is a research-based method of measuring, evaluating and improving teacher-child interactions. Used in 23 states’ Quality Rating Improvement Systems, CLASS is the most widely-used system for assessing and improving teaching quality.

The Tools You Need to Prepare for the CDA

In the CDA with CLASS programs, you’ll find authentic classroom videos to demonstrate best practices that you can immediately apply in your own classroom. We include the Competency Standards book (a $25 value), needed to prepare and apply for your CDA. You’ll also receive access to our CLASS Learning Community where you can ask questions and benefit from peer-to-peer discussions.

Work at Your Own Pace or Get Personalized Guidance

The CDA with CLASS is offered in two formats - a convenient on-demand, self-guided course or a fully-facilitated course with experienced educators who can offer specific feedback and strategies.

CDA with CLASS® - Primrose (On-Demand)

 The On-Demand CDA with CLASS is an affordable, convenient online course that supports educators seeking to fulfill the training requirements of the CDA. Our self-guided platform is simple and easy to navigate. Elements of CLASS are infused in the course to help you focus on the importance of interactions. Work through your CDA training on your own time and from any device.

 Enroll today to receive access to the training for one year from your enrollment date.

CDA Renewal with CLASS®: Child, Family and Community (On-Demand)


Earn 4.5 CEUs with a CDA Renewal course that meets the requirements for renewing your CDA credential. 


Guided by a team of friendly and helpful educators, learners will discover the importance of respectful relationships that foster quality interactions, explore family-program partnerships, and learn strategies that help build cultural awareness that support all children in becoming members of a diverse community. The CLASS framework is at the center of this learning and helps you grow and refine understanding of CLASS in ways that make you a better educator each day.


This course will open on the day of enrollment and gives learners the freedom to login on their schedule to complete learning and assignments within 16 weeks. We provide a pacing guide to assist with course completion. 


The CDA Renewal course includes the following units:




  • Unit 1: Introduction to the Family

  • Unit 2: Culturally Diverse Families

  • Unit 3: Socialization and Families

  • Unit 4: Family Well-Being: Supporting Families in Challenging Situations

  • Unit 5: Building Relationships with Families

  • Unit 6: Parenting Styles

  • Unit 7: Engaging Families in Student Learning

  • Unit 8: Family Engagement