KCE - The CDA with CLASS®


Exciting new learning opportunity! CDA with CLASS®

Boost your career by enrolling in this great learning opportunity! The "CDA with CLASS" covers all the requirements for a CDA credential, including completion of your professional portfolio. With KinderCare's support, these three online courses help you get to the finish line!


To join the CDA with CLASS or CDA Renewal with CLASS, you must:

  • Be employed by KinderCare for duration of the course(s)
  • Successfully complete the course with a “Passing” grade
  • Have funds available in your annual Education Assistance allotment
  • Commit to KinderCare Education for one (1) year after course completion

NOTE: To enroll in the CDA Renewal with CLASS you must have a current CDA credential that expires in the next 3-6 months. If you have an expired credential, please contact the Council for Professional Recognition or KinderCare Employee Support Team for guidance.

CDA with CLASS® - Three-Course Program

Earn nine college credits with this series of three courses that satisfy requirements for the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.

Course 1: Understanding Child Development
Understanding child development, including milestones for cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth; first and second language acquisition, development delay, and introduction to the CLASS tool focused on high-quality teacher-student interactions.
Begin work on your Professional Portfolio

Course 2: Health, Safety, and Environment
Health, safety, and nutrition in early childhood settings, emergency preparedness, family engagement, community resources, and developmentally appropriate learning environments; learners complete the professional portfolio for the Council for Professional Recognition.
Complete your Professional Portfolio

Course 3: Application to Teaching and Learning
Overview of CLASS domains and strategies, planning affective lessons, managing time and space in the classroom, use of data to improve instruction, and meeting individual needs in diverse student populations.
Continue working on your Professional Portfolio

Course participants will receive a copy of this book:
The CDA National Credentialing Program and Competency Standards (Pre-K level or Infant-Toddler level)

CDA Renewal with CLASS®: Interactions Matter

Earn 4.5 CEUs with a CDA Renewal course that meets the requirements for renewing your CDA credential.

Educators with their CDA credential know that in order to grow, children need to be connected, engaged, and challenged. The CDA Renewal with CLASS course is an opportunity for you to expand your understanding of children’s developmental needs and how you can support them in partnership with colleagues, families, and community. The CLASS framework is at the center of all this learning. You will grow and refine your understanding of CLASS in ways that make you a better educator each and every day.

The CDA Renewal course includes the following units:

Unit 1: The Developing Child and CLASS
Unit 2: Your Interactions and CLASS
Unit 3: A Closer Look at CLASS
Unit 4: Planning with CLASS
Unit 5: Interacting with Family
Unit 6: Interacting with Colleagues and Community