CLASS Environment™ Materials

CLASS Environment™ Materials

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CLASS Environment™ Reference Manual

The CLASS Environment Reference Manual is an essential resource for CLASS® Observers, designed to guide the use of the CLASS Environment tool alongside the CLASS tool during observations. Observers will find considerations for diversity, equity and inclusion, how to use within a CQI system, and more!


CLASS Environment™ Score Sheets

Certified CLASS Observers use specialized score sheets tailored to the CLASS Environment™. Each booklet contains 8 observation sheets, and they are conveniently available in packs of 5 booklets, providing a total of 40 sheets.

It's important to note that CLASS Environment™ is designed to complement CLASS® observations and is not intended for independent assessment. For each CLASS observation, a single CLASS Environment score sheet should be used. These individual score sheets can be detached and inserted into your CLASS Observation Score Sheets booklet.


For those collecting both CLASS 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd observation data and CLASS Environment Pre-K/K data, we offer a combined score sheet option for seamless integration.