CLASS Video Library Companion Book for Infant and Toddler

CLASS Video Library Companion

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Meaningful discussions about classroom videos start here

Build rich conversations around our classroom videos with this printed facilitator's guide. When used in tandem with the CLASS Video Library and CLASS Dimensions Guides, the companion will help you get your teachers thinking—and talking—about the teacher-student interactions that increase learning.

Why We Recommend This

With the CLASS Video Library Companion, you'll be equipped to:

  • Lead targeted discussions tailored to your teachers' specific needs and interests
  • Help teachers identify, understand, and connect the effective interactions they see in our Video Library to their own classroom interactions
  • Ask open-ended questions that stimulate thoughtful, productive conversations

The companion can be purchased individually or as a part of the CLASS Discussion Toolkit.

Who Uses This

Anyone who wants to facilitate discussions focused on effective teaching, including:

  • Coaches and professional development providers
  • Teacher educators
  • Technical Assistant Providers
  • Teacher leaders

Although previous CLASS knowledge or certification is not required, we recommend that facilitators have prior CLASS knowledge.

Why Our Customers Recommend This

“The Video Library Companion has been incredibly helpful. We’ve only had it for a short time and we’re already using it and its strategies. Because it breaks down the videos, it does the homework for us. I also love how it includes overviews of the dimensions. The most helpful feature is the questions that come with each dimension. The ‘detect, reflect, connect’ categories really help expand the quality of the questions we’re asking and lead to better understanding for teachers.” - Megan Hughes, Quality Enhancement Specialist at Smart Start of Buncombe County


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