Interactions at the Heart of Healing: Trauma-Informed Professional Development Series

Interactions at the Heart of Healing: Trauma-Informed Professional Development Series

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Interactions at the Heart of Healing provides instruction and hand-on tools to equip teachers to connect with students who have experienced trauma.

Now, more than ever, the interactions between teachers and students matter so much. For students who have been affected by traumatic life experiences, our interactions with them can profoundly affect outcomes and how they process and move through trauma.

Trauma-Informed Professional Development Series: This online, on-demand learning experience will focus on the importance of interactions in order to support children, families and staff. 

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Language OptionsAvailable in English or Spanish, participants will select their language preference before starting the course.


Modules include:

  • Trauma, Interactions, and Educators: An Introduction

  • The Impact of Trauma on Behavior: Seeing Children's Actions As Communication

    Featuring: Jimmy Venza, P.h.D. and Amber Ricks, Psy.D. of The Lourie Center for Children’s Social and Emotional Wellness

  • Know, Then Grow: Becoming an Antiracist, Antibiased, Trauma-Informed Educator

    Featuring: Iheoma U. Iruka, PhD the Chief Research Innovation Officer and Director of the Center for Early Education Research and Evaluation (CEERE) at HighScope Educational Research Foundation 

  • Cultivating Connections After Trauma: Relationship Equity in Your Classroom 

    Featuring: Amanda Wiliford, P.h.D. of the University of Virginia

  • Promoting Children’s Resilience: Buffering the Effects of Trauma

    Featuring: Rachel Wagner, MSW of the Devereux Center for Resilient Children


  • Bonus Material: Expert Interviews on Trauma-Informed Care - In addition to the 5 modules, learners will gain access to 8 full length interviews with experts with special focus on Multi-Language Learners (MLL), learners with exceptional needs, Family Child Care and Tribal learners and more


There are four umbrella learning goals covered in all parts of this PD series.

  • Understanding - Educators will learn concepts and vocabulary that will cultivate their understanding of what it means to be a trauma-informed educator. 

  • Classroom Practice - Educators will learn strategies to help them interact with children in ways that are trauma-informed.

  • Family Engagement - Educators will learn strategies for interacting with families that help them better understand children’s experience and position them to support healing. 

  • Self-care - Educators will learn strategies to care for themselves to help them show up as a consistent warm and structured relationship for children. 



*Note: Where video audio is in English, Spanish subtitles have been provided. All written content has been translated for a Spanish-speaking audience. Some external resources may only be available in English.