Infant and Toddler CLASS® Social and Emotional Development Kit: Regulation

Infant and Toddler CLASS® Social and Emotional Development Kit: Regulation

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Encourage young children’s ability to self-regulate.

The bilingual (English and Spanish) CLASS® Social and Emotional Support Kit (Infant/Toddler) is a comprehensive selection of materials, guidance, and resources to help teachers support young children’s abilities to regulate. The guidebook included in the kit provides robust guidance for how to recognize signs of dysregulation, strategies to support regulation, and the connection between teachers’ own self-regulation and children’s regulation skills. Powered by CLASS®, it features reflection and planning opportunities, strategies and guidance for intentionally using interactions to promote positive relationships and social-emotional development.
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The selected materials included help promote teacher-child interactions that support infants’ and toddlers’ developmentally appropriate self-regulation skills. 

The bilingual (English and Spanish) kit includes
  • Teacher Guidebooks (1 English & 1 Spanish) and one wet-erase marker 
  • Infant CLASS Dimension Guide (1 English & 1 Spanish)
  • Toddler CLASS Dimension Guide (1 English & 1 Spanish)
  • Access to the CLASS Learning Community
  • Collection of materials to support implementation of strategies, which include:
    • 180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators (book)
    • Claves para el bienestar/Keys to Well-Being (e-book)
    • SpinAgain
    • All About Me 2-in-1 Mirrors (set of 6)
    • Boo Boo Buddy gel packs 
    • Diverse Family Poster set
    • Bilingual Board Books from the “Learning About Me and You” series (set of 4)
*Kit inclusions are subject to change based on availability