CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI) Renewal

CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI) Renewal

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Renew your CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI) certification

Demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the CLASS measure and continue providing quality programs to your colleagues.

Buying for Groups?

Purchase the tests you need for your staff at any time (one per test-taker), paying special attention to what type of renewal and age levels you’re purchasing. You’ll receive an email with product keys to activate the renewal, which you can distribute to test-takers as needed.

Why We Recommend This

In order to continue supporting teachers in your program by delivering CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI), Teachstone requires that you renew your certification every two years. So, if you’ve expired, you’ll need to renew your certification before scheduling your next cohort.

What's Included?

By renewing your CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI) certification, you’ll receive: 

  • A 1 year extension of your certification

  • Access to the Training Dashboard to schedule CLASS Group Coaching (MMCI) cohorts

  • 1 year access to the Video Library