CLASS® Literacy Support Kit (Pre-K/K) ($45.00-$385.00)

CLASS® Literacy Support Kit (Pre-K/K) ($45.00-$385.00)

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The CLASS® Literacy Support Kit (Pre-K/K) is a comprehensive selection of materials, guidance, and resources to support teachers in intentional planning of activities that promotes children’s development of literacy skills. The guidebook included in the Literacy Support Kit provides robust guidance for planning read-alouds, supporting phonological awareness, building alphabet knowledge and print awareness, and provides specific strategies to support all children and dual-language learners. The selected materials and strategies included in the Literacy Support Kit are designed to support foundational literacy skills, promote quality teacher-student relationships, and ongoing reflection and growth of teachers’ practice. When combined with the Literacy at Home Kit, families are empowered and supported to extend children’s learning and development in fun and engaging experiences at home.

Interested in a workshop for supporting use of the kits? Click here to request more information on our Transfer-to-Practice Webinar offering.


CLASS Literacy Support Kit Pre-k/K includes:

  • Teacher Guide
  • 4 Connect4Learning® content-focused children’s books

    • Our Senses, Big Trees, Classroom Up Close, and Food Friends

  • Materials to support skills

    • Rhyme Time Literacy Magnets

    • See & Spell

    • Letter Construction Activity Set

Literacy at Home Kit (Pre-K/K) includes:

  • A 2-Sided Guide Sheet

  • A set of 2 Connect4Learning® children's books 

    • Our Senses and Food Friends

  • Fun to Know Puzzle