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Maintain your status as a Certified CLASS Observer.

Certified observers play an integral role in driving quality improvement in areas that matter the most to children’s development and learning. Maintain your status as a certified observer who can reliably support classroom quality through the lens of research-proven interactions with an annual recertification that ensures your ability to reliably and accurately observe and measure the quality of classroom interactions.

Additional Details

Each recertification option provides observers with the opportunity to verify reliability within the selected age group. If purchasing a Pre-K–3rd recertification, it is recommended that previous  Pre-K only and K-3 only observers spend time familiarizing and practicing observing in the other included age groups through the Video Library and through the CLASS® 2nd Edition Pre-K–3rd Observation Transition Support Course or Transition Training (Available July 5th, 2022). 

When completing a Pre-K or Pre-K–3rd recertification, observers can use either the first or second edition of the CLASS® manual, and upon completion can use either version for observations.

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